Táto dávno známa múdrosť platí dnes viac než inokedy. Ovládanie cudzích jazykov sa stáva v dnešnom svete nutnosťou. Existuje množstvo dôvodov, prečo sa učiť cudzie jazyky:

  1. chceš predsa rozumieť pesničkám, ktoré si púšťaš v rádiu
  2. potrebuješ rozumieť mnohým veciam na internete – literatúra, filmy, hudba...
  3. cestuješ s rodičmi na dovolenky a chceš sa predsa dohovoriť a nájsť si nových priateľov
  4. chceš si precvičovať mozog a zároveň mať lepšie výsledky v škole
  5. chceš mať väčšiu sebadôveru a nie sedieť zakríknutý v kúte
  6. chceš získať lepšiu a lepšie platenú prácu v SR
  7. chceš študovať a neskôr aj pracovať v zahraničí
  8. chceš byť pripravený na rýchlo sa meniaci svet

Tých dôvodov je ešte oveľa viac, každý z vás by vedel nejaký pridať. Preto sme sa rozhodli zriadiť na našej škole cudzojazyčnú miniknižnicu, aby ste sa mohli zdokonaľovať a tiež otestovať svoje čítanie s porozumením.


Cudzojazyčná miniknižnica sa nachádza v kabinete cudzích jazykov a radi vás v nej, milí žiaci, privítame. Keďže sme sa len rozbehli, v knižnici sa nachádza 27 kníh v angličtine od úrovne úplný začiatočník, začiatočník, mierne pokročilý čitateľ až po pokročilý čitateľ. Všetko sú to knižky (miniromány) pre deti a mládež. Postupne by sme radi túto knižnicu rozšírili o nové tituly a tiež o nové knižky aj v nemeckom jazyku.

Kto má záujem, môže si knihu požičať a po prečítaní nepoškodenú vrátiť do knižnice. Požičanie kníh je bezplatné, ak však knihu stratíš, alebo veľmi poškodíš, musíš ju uhradiť.

V ponuke sú tieto tituly (a hneď si precvič svoju angličtinu ☺):

Úroveň starter (300 words) - úplní začiatočníci

In the Frame describes how Lisa and Alice want to help Vera but don’t know whether to trust her

Around the World in Eighty Days describes Phileas’s adventures as he travels from country

to country.

A. Detective - describes how a private detective called Lenny must rescue a kidnapped girl. 

Lucky Number -  a poor shoeshine boy called Charlie has the chance to become rich.

A. Winners - Lenny Samuel is a private detective in Los Angeles and is hired to find a retired championship racehorse. He believes this is going to be an enjoyable job, all he has to do is hang around racetracks and report back to his pretty client. Will it be so easy?

The Lost World - The story is about Ed Malone, a young reporter who joins a team of explorers, led by the eccentric Professor Challenger. During their exploration they find a secret place – a lost world, where creatures from the past still live.

Treasure Island -  Jim Hawkins, a young boy, is aboard The Hispaniola and along with the crew they are in search of Captain Flint’s treasure. However, Long John Silver is on board and he and his friends want the treasure for themselves.

The Prisonner of Zenda - romantic thriller set in the 1890s is a case of mistaken identity which leads to intrigue and romance.

The Claws - This book tells the story of Larry who applies for a job as a cook for a team on an expedition in the mountains of Afghanistan searching for the fearsome Toruk. Will they find this scary creature that has killed people before?

Frankestein - his classic story is about the eccentric scientist Victor Frankenstein who has a passion for studying old science theories and this leads to the creation of a huge monster during an unusual scientific experiment.

The Black Cat - detective story set in Egypt. Salahadin is an inspector in the Antiquities Department of the Egyptian Police. After discovering the murder of a visiting Archaeologists, Salahadin’s investigations lead him to a missing statuette. Soon he is on the trail of some international smugglers. 

The Princess Diaries 1 - is about Mia Thermopolis who lives in New York City with her mother and her cat, Fat Louis. One day Mia discovers she is the Princess of Genovia and has to forget her teenage life and learn royal etiquette. What will happen to Mia when her classmates find out?

Princess Diaries 2 continues on the story of Mia and explains how things have changed since she has become a princess. A month on and Mia’s mother is marrying her Algebra teacher and Mia has been receiving love letters from a secret admirer. But are they from Michael the boy she loves or from another boy? 

Úroveň beginner (600 words) - začiatočníci

The House on the Hill -  Paul wants to marry a rich lady called Maria but doesn’t think he will be able to if he remains poor.

Dangerous Journey - explains how a team of geologists are trapped deep within a forest.

Newspaper boy   - Two stories about boy who wants to be detective.

A. Raid explains how a private detective tries to catch two bank robbers who have stolen lots of money.

Úroven pre-intermediate (1100 words) – mierne pokročilí

The United States of America - This title provides an informative and entertaining overview of American history, culture, traditions and sport, and the sights and people that have made the USA a great nation.

Diamonds are Forever – In another classic Bond story, Diamonds are Forever see’s 007 sent to investigate a dangerous diamond-smuggling gang. The mission leads him to Las Vegas where he must escape the fury of the evil Spang brothers.

The Call of the Wild - This book tells the story of Buck, a domestic dog who is suddenly stolen and sold to gold prospectors. In this new, hard-life, Buck has to call on his natural instincts to survive as he is now in the wild.

Úvoveň intermediate ( 1600 words) – pokročilí

The Space Invaders - In this story, set sometime in the future, Varon, an intergalactic pirate, manages to steal one of the most valuable items in the universe. When he becomes trapped, Omega offers his help but he has his own reasons for doing so.

Rings of Thieves - A mystery story with many twists and turns set between the English Midlands and Amsterdam. A boy suffers amnesia after being attacked and robbed but he has to regain his memory in order to find his property.

The Perfect Storm - This book is about a swordfishing fleet from Gloucester, Massachusetts who are caught in a vicious storm out at sea. Captain Billy Tyne and his crew of six are aboard the boat “Andrea Gail” and the rescue services cannot locate them and fear the worst.

The Slumdog Millionaire - tells the story of Ram Mohammad who answers 14 questions correctly to become a millionaire. The major events in Rams life help him to answer each question and bring amazing good fortune. 

The Old Curiosity Shop -  The story is about Nell and her grandfather, who live in The Old Curiosity Shop. They are very poor, and when disaster strikes, Nell must protect herself and her grandfather from people who wish them harm. 

Down Second Avenue - This story is about a young boy called Eseki, who during his growth into adulthood, slowly starts to become aware of the injustices, poverty and fear which are a normal part of life for black people in South Africa.

Pride and Prejudice - This classic romantic story is about Mrs Bennet and her five daughters who have yet to find husbands. When a rich young man called Mr Bingley and his friend come to stay at Netherfield Hall, Mrs Bennet thinks they are perfect for her daughters.

Tešíme sa na vašu návštevu!

Mgr. Blašková, Mgr. Ševčíková